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Silver ART Projects - Digital Residency & Online Selling Exhibition

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Silver Art Projects is excited to announce our Digital Residency & Online Selling Exhibition designed to support artists, promote diversity, and facilitate meaningful engagement between artists and Silver Art supporters. 35 participating artists were invited from the nearly 700 applicants to Silver Art's 2021 in-person residency program. Please apply here to follow along the digital residency and collect artworks:

Congratulations to:

@atangerinee@aidanlincolnn/ @wilderalison, @alixagarcia_@downtownacbrown @anoushka/ @drawingwithpaint@arleenieeee@ChristianMamoun@damiending@emil.lombardo@greggvemery@grey_megara@heatherjonesstudio@indiracesarine@jessicaalazraki1@kirkaworks@ksenia_salion@violetmenace

@seeingthroughnewyork@luis__gutierrez_@bohrerm @mvtemba@sesherman



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