From Central Asia to France, Canada, and the United States, I  have crossed borders many times and evolved as a photographic artist. I work on environmental tragedies of contaminated water and the altered reality of nature.

In my photogenic drawings, I  experience light and water in the same way a painter would experience a brush and pigment. A beam of light is very important in my practice. I use both an infrared camera and capture images without any camera at all.  In my practice I explore ephemerality, I look for alchemic reactions poeticizing the environment and creating new realities. 

I like to bind the old with the new, coaxing colors from black and white silver gelatin paper, blending the natural with the artificial, reinventing the combinations, searching for lambent light, bold colors, and luminosity. 


It is hard to make an impact with images when everyone sees so many. I want my images to have a contemporary environmental context.


I love light-sensitive photographic paper - it has so many possibilities.  As an artistic expression in my opinion it's the closest imprint of the world around us I want my images to be beautiful and powerful. 

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