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As a photo-based artist working on the environmental tragedies of contaminated water and climate resilience, I am at the intersection of photography and painting - I paint on light-sensitive paper and I use infrared light in my practice. Experiencing a beam of light, water, and nature in the same way a painter would experience a brush and pigment is a truly transcendent experience.


Laziza Rakhimova is a New York-based visual artist born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). From Central Asia to France, Canada, and the United States, she has crossed borders many times. She graduated from UPEC in Paris where she majored in sustainable development. Laziza completed her photography education at Dawson College, Montreal majoring in photography and at ICP, New York. 

Laziza’s artistic approach alters the reality of nature and addresses environmental tragedies. She has recently worked on projects dealing with water contamination, NY harbor's resiliency, climate and biodiversity through interaction with nature.

Environmental justice has been an underlying theme in her recent projects “Ode to Gowanus” and “Radiating Heat” where she created unique local imprints of the environment.


Laziza creates cameraless textural three-dimensional immersive prints of New York waterway and environment by interaction with material sensitive to light. Using the infrared spectrum of light she alludes to the amorphous threat of radiating heat.


Her work is held in private collections and she has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions, including Soho Photo, Salmagundi Club in New York, Chashama, Foley Gallery, Upstream Gallery and BWAC. 

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